HP ENVY 7855 VS 7858 [Which is Better?]

HP envy 7855 VS 7858

HP Envy 7855 and 7858 are quite identical, the features of both printers are quite the same and both have been liked by the customers as well. Performance of both the printers is perfect and shiny photos are the best product that has been delivered by the dynamic performance of the HP 7855 VS HP 7858. 

Inkjet printing

The printers have inkjet printing technology. Inkjet printing is the process through which digital images have been created with the help of droplets of ink onto the paper. HP Envy 7855 has more special features VS HP envy 7858.  

HP Envy 7858 Vs 7855 Comparison 2022

HP Envy 7855
Photo Cartridge
HP 64 XL
HP 64 tri-color
Number Of Color Cartridges
Black Cartridge Model
HP 64 Black
HP 64 Black
Wireless capability
Maximum no of copies
Upto 50 copiesUpto 50 copies
Color Cartridge Model
HP 64 XL Tri-colorHP 64 XL
Copy resolution
300x300 dpiColor 600 x 600, black 300 x 300 DP
Fax available
Yes, colorYes
Memory standard
256 MB DDR 3256 MB DDR 3


The features of HP Envy 7855 are Ethernet Networking, Auto-Duplex, Scan to Email Print from USB Drive, Network-Ready, Color Touchscreen, Separate Photo Tray Eligible for HP Instant Ink Optional HP High-Yield Cartridges, Auto Document Feeder and features of HP Envy 7858 is Connectivity: Wireless capability, HP ePrint capability, Print, Scan, Copy, Web, Photo. 

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Other features: 

Both the printers can be connected with the WIFI and USB but HP 7855 can be connected with Bluetooth and Ethernet. Both have the same brand HP as well. SO basically HP 7855 VS 7858 is a thought full process to which Printer should you buy. 

Style and Substance of HP envy 7855

If we look into the HP 7855 VS 7858  then the style and substance of HP 7855 are not much different from the HP 7858 The Envy 7855 is a beautiful printer that is matte black with jet black borders. 


The pans deployed, it dimensions 7.6 by 17.9 by 19.8 inches (HWD) and weighs 17 pounds. The adjustable top section houses a 3.5-inch colorful touchscreen interface. There seem to be 125 sheets of paper capability, plus a 15-sheet photo slot. It has an auto-duplexer for printing on both ends. 

Scanning and printing: 

You may scan, duplicate, or fax multipage documents up to legal size with the 35-sheet automatic document feeder. Like other printers of this price range, two-sided documents have not been scanned by the HP7855. 

Software support: 

The printer supports HP’s ePrint, which allows you to email files as attachments to a specific identifier that HP provides to the printer, and the Envy will print them out, even if you’re on the other side of the world. The 7855 is the most costly of three new HP inkjet all-in-one printers. The 7855 is the only one of the three that has a USB thumb drive interface, Ethernet connection, an automatic document feeder (ADF), the ability to fax, and the capability to print on legal-size paper.  

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Wireless system: 

On the other hand, HP envy 7858 has features VS HP envy 7855 like photos that can be printed, scanned, and copied through a wireless system. It has a separate photo tray color touch screen and its networking is Ethernet. Produce professional-quality color pictures and full-page brochures from your local network, smartphone, or USB or Micro card. 

Smart app:

The HP Smart app puts all of your printer’s power in your hands. Put in place your ENVY Photo wireless printer in minutes, scan files on the move, and even print photographs from the digital network and online backup accounts. Color Touchscreen Optional High-Yield Cartridges Print from USB Drive Ethernet (Ethernet) networking The HP Smart App makes it simple to set up and print. With the strong all-in-one capabilities of the HP ENVY Photo 7858 photo printer, you can add products to your home office and just get pictures that sparkle. 

Ink options of HP envy photo 7855  

We measured the Envy 7855 VS 7858 at 12.7 pages per minute (ppm) in the text (Word) segment of our business software package, which is close to its 15ppm rated wind speed for black printing


Operational costs of HP envy 7855 VS 7858 is 6 cents each monochrome page and 16 cents per color page, depending on HP’s pricing and yielding for its high-capacity cartridges, but only if you buy the casings separately. On the other hand HP 7858 has dual-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Smart, plus Ethernet functionality for wired networking, you can depend on reliable wireless connectivity and charging setup. 


The HP Envy 7858 review is an excellent step to begin since this low-cost, easy-to-install printer includes whatever you must be creative with. This Bluetooth-enabled wireless printer is easy to use and can be operated from your smartphone; all you must do is download the software. The print quality is amazing it gives colorful images, with great colors. The product is available in practically all online stores, and customer reviews make deciding whether or not to purchase it extremely simple. You can easily avail of discounts through Costco. When you purchase the printer, HP Envy 7858 ink is also included in the box. You will get a black ink cartridge box in Hp 62. 

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Printing speed

Photo Cartridge NoNo
Number Of Color Cartridges 11
Black Cartridge Model HP 64 BlackHP 67 Black
Tested Black Page Yield 28.93 prints6.53 prints
Estimated Black Page Yield169 prints124 prints
Color Cartridge ModelHP 64 Tri-ColorHP 67 Tri-Color
Tested Color Page Yield 26.6 prints2.77 prints
Estimated Color Page Yield145 prints62 prints
Third Party CartridgeYesYes
High Yield CartridgeXLXL
Drum UnitNo Drum UnitNo Drum Unit

Another advantage is its speed; it prints faster and with greater quality than the HP Envy 7858. It enables a variety of viable connection alternatives, resulting in improved connectivity. The HP Envy 7858, on the other hand, is a small and light machine. The appearance is sleek and stylish, and the print cartridge is HP 67 tri-color, whereas the HP Envy 7855 VS 7858 utilizes HP 64 tri-color.  

The printer speed of HP 7855 VS 7855 can be Compared but there is not much difference. 

HP 7855 VS 7858  is usually dark in color and has a modern streamlined appearance. It works with a range of technologies, including WiFi, Ethernet, Bluetooth, USB, and even an SD card. It can easily be connected with laptops, apple phones, or android phones as well. 


This also comes with a one-year warranty, which makes it more trustworthy and safe to use. Before you begin setting up and using the HP Envy picture 7855, read the handbook to learn about the product’s dos and don’ts. The main drawback is that it’s not easy to set up, and the print quality isn’t always great. Because the HP Envy 7855 has a better page yield, the cost-per-print is lower. 

Understated and Improved quality of HP envy 7855 

HP’s Envy 7855 VS 7858 is all-in-one printer, which was first released in 2010, was once all about style at the sacrifice of functionality and performance. The HP envy 7855 vs 7858  is still fashionable but in a subtle, modest way. Its total output performance falls short of both the Canon TS9020 and the Canon TS8020 (Editors’ Choice. The 7855 does include two features that the two Canons don’t: an automatic document feeder (ADF) and fax capabilities, but it only has half the paper capacity of the two Canons. 


The conclusion of HP envy 7855 VS 7858 is quite simple and comprehensive. All the Above discussion on HP envy 7855 VS 7858 has given a better overview of both the printers. When choosing an HP printer, keep in mind that the company offers a large selection of models with varied features. As a result, the price range fluctuates. The performance and specs of these items are determined by the lineup you are sorting through. Overall, HP printers offer outstanding features that are affordable for most budgets. To conclude the Battle of HP 7855 VS HP 7858  it will be better to know all the pros and cons of both products at the same time.

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