HP 564 vs 564XL Ink Cartridges | Which is Better?

Hp 564 vs 564xl

Both the HP 564 and the HP 564XL are ink cartridges that are compatible. Does the question arise which one to buy with the goal that it can give you the best cash value?

Here is a detailed comparison of these two cartridges, which can assist you with choosing which one to purchase. In addition to black, these cartridges also come in cyan, magenta, yellow, and photo black.

The comparison between both 564 and 564 XL is made based on their performance and specifications. It depends on the use of the customer, but in statistics, Hp 564 xL takes the lead as it outperforms its previous version by miles. Another advantage is that HP 564 xl is compatible with Hp 564 slots. So there is no need to worry whether they will be compatible with the printer or not.

HP 564 vs HP 564XL Comparison 2022:

The first and foremost margin to calculate the effectiveness of any ink cartridge is page yield. It determines which cartridge works longer. HP 564 ink cartridge has a page yield of 250 pages. Hp 564 xl has a whooping result of up to 550 pages. This page yield difference is directly proportional to the ink capacity of these cartridges. All the Hp 564 cartridges have 7.5 mL of ink, while the HP 564 xL has 14 mL. This comparison also considers whether the increase in yield affects the quality of printed images in any way.

There can be no compromise on the quality of output. Hp 564 xl takes the lead here as it was specifically designed and manufactured for outperforming the average Hp 564 in the yield and quality department. It does not mean that Hp 564 is not up to standard and should not be bought for use. Hp 564 is perfect for those users who print for their personal use and do not require a large-scale cartridge. Here you may have some questions like Are 564 and 564xl interchangeable? The answer is that Hp 564 and 564 xl are the exact sizes; the only difference is that 564 xl has more ink.
There are some essential characteristics and specifications about HP 564 vs HP 564 xL that are given below. Let’s have an overlook upon them.

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Specification Comparison:

SpecificationsHp 564Hp 564 xL
Dimensions1.2 x 4.3 x 6.4 inches1.2x 4.3 x 6.4 inches
Item weight1.35 ounces1.41 ounces
Ink drop14pl14pl
Ink typePigment-basedPigment-based
Page yield250550

The significant difference between HP 564 and 564 XL is the page yield. Hp 564 is specially designed to cater to the need of users with low yield requirements. Hp 564 xL has a high amount of ink and no spaces, so it prints 550 papers. All of this is of top quality, of course, because the faded words and smudges appear if you use the ink cartridge for too long and fail to replace it. The storage temperature and operating temperature must be within the acceptable range; otherwise, the ink will dry out or lose its potency.

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Do all the Hp 564 container ink cartridges have the same amount of ink?

Cartridge Model Ink Capacity Page Yield
564 7.5mL 250 pgs.
564XL 14mL 550 pgs.

Black contains more ink per cartridge than do the

It is often wondered if an HP 564 Black and HP 564 Cyan ink cartridge would have similar yields. So usually need to know whether all HP 564 or HP 564xL cartridges contain an equal measure of Ink. Indeed, no.

Only black ink cartridges hold more ink, and they have a lower yield than shading cartridges.

These are Some of the printers where Hp 564 and 564 XL both are compatible. Colorful printers require multiple cartridges of different colors.

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Compaitable Printers list:

Compatible printersHP 564Hp 564xL
HP Officejet 4610,
4620 All-in- One,
HP Photosmart 5520,
6520,7520,5510, 6510,
7510 e- All-in-One,
HP Photosmart e- All-in-One,
HP Photosmart Wireless e-All-in-One,
HP Photosmart Plus e-All-in-One,
HP Photosmart eStation All-in- One.
HP Officejet 4610,
4620 All-in- One,
HP Photosmart 5520,
6520,7520,5510, 6510,
7510 e- All-in-One,
HP Photosmart e- All-in-One,
HP Photosmart Wireless e-All-in-One,
HP Photosmart Plus e-All-in-One,
HP Photosmart eStation All-in- One.

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Hp 564 and 564xL combo pack

Buying one cartridge at a Time is pricey. It is also hectic if you, by chance, run out of any particular color in the middle of the task. The answer is simple to buy combo packs online from Walmart or office depot. These sites provide discounts when you buy the cartridges in bulk. Office Depot is a trusted site for buying office appliances at a discount. The Combo reduces the ink price per page up to 0.4 cents.


Understandably, the ink cartridge with a low yield will be cheap, and the high result will be expensive. However, there is a catch HP 564 LX is priced as such that it has a low per paper cost and is economical.


The cartridges are not the same. The difference is the amount of extra ink present in the 564 XL cartridge. It increases the page yield of xL, as suggested in the name.

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Printers are one of the most common output devices in our lives. Office work requires printing a large amount of data daily. Printers utilize different types of inks, and HP is are a renowned brand to provide these materials. Hp 564 and 564 xL are such types of ink cartridges suitable for office working heavy-duty printers and home use. HP 564 xL has more yield and ink. It makes it last longer and prints more pages. This type of cartridge has the drawback of drying out if not used promptly. Consequently, personal use of them is not recommended.

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