10 Best All In One Printer Under $100 in 2022 [TOP PICKS]

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You will agree when I say! Nothing is better for printing and scanning than the all-in-one printer

In the corporate and professional world, printers are getting more important nowadays. If you will buy the right printer, your workflow becomes much easy. A decent printer can do faxing, printing, photocopying, and scanning. Most people think that a printer costs in thousand dollars but remember that quality is not linked with the price. That’s why we have shortlisted the budget printers. These printers make photo decent, coloring, work as a high-resolution flatbed scanner, prints documents, copy, and much more.

Due to such great features, there is a huge demand for wireless laser printers, and many brands offer special discounts on printers. These prices attract new users but think that you will compromise on quality?

But, if you will research well, you can find a decent printer at a reasonable price. However, we want to save you many hours and shortlist the all-in-one laser printer for under $100. Besides the detailed reviews, we have also described the pros, cons, a guide for buyers, and a conclusion. If you read all our guides, you will hopefully find a suitable printer for you. Have a look

Things to consider before buying 

Printing Speed: The printer’s speed needs much attention as the home printer features a bit low speed, but professional printers provide high-quality printing speed. It provides at least 35 pages per minute, but a home printer provides 20 pages.

Resolution: It is the number that indicates the printer’s printing quality. Your printing quality will be averaged if your printer has a lower resolution, but a higher resolution indicates the text print and output of images.

Best All In One Printer Under 100 2022

Here is the list of top All In One Printer

HP DeskJet All-in-One Wireless Printer
10 [Editor's Choice]
Canon PIXMA All in One Photo Printer
HP DeskJet Plus 4155 All-in-One Printer
HP Envy Pro 6452 Color Inkjet Printer
HP Envy Pro 6458 Inkjet Printer
HP DeskJet 2755e All-in-One Printer
Canon Pixma MG2522 Inkjet Printer
HP Envy 7855 All-in-One Printer

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1. HP DeskJet All-in-One Wireless Printer

Why do we love it?

  • The Hp app provides instant connections with the printer
  • It has cloud print enabled that remains ready for any network.
  • With Mac operating systems, iOS, Android, it will be compatible.
  • you will receive free ink for 15 pages for four months
✅Attractive printing
❌Uses too much ink
✅HP Smart app compatibility
✅Has an LCD
✅Compact and wireless

2. Canon PIXMA All in One Photo Printer

Why do we love it?

  • On the LCD, you can connect the printer with Alexa technology
  • The printer provides USB Printer technology for easy connection
  • This versatile printer provides 4-in-1 printing quality
  • Its Dash Replenishment saves 10% of the printer ink.
✅Wireless Connectivity
❌A bit difficult to use
✅USB Printer technology
✅Works with Alexa
✅Auto power On/Off

3. HP DeskJet Plus 4155 All-in-One Printer

Why do we love it?

  • You can send the fax and documents using Hp smart app.
  • The mobile fax allows controlling your printer with ease.
  • You can do 35 pages of printing in with the help of an automatic document feeder.
  • It offers connections with different software such as Dropbox and Google Drive.
✅Dual-band wifi
❌Not compatible with iPhone
✅Save up to 50% on ink
✅Printer's Bluetooth technology
✅35-page automatic document feeder

4. HP Envy Pro 6452 Color Inkjet Printer

Why do we love it?

  • You can control the printer with the help of the HP app
  • it provides an option to scan connection with Bluetooth 5.
  • It is a manually flip double-sided and duplex scanning in one printer.
  • The HP app on your mobile phone or tablet provides multiple printing
✅Top Color accuracy.
❌Some parts are missing when you open the box
✅Bluetooth 5 connectivity
✅Compatible with other devices
✅Automatic shut down features

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5. HP Envy Pro 6458 Inkjet Printer

Why do we love it?

  • Auto 2-sided printing makes borderless photos.
  • As you can do, scanning, copy, and printing in the printer.
  • It comes with HP+ Smart Printing System for printing every time.
  • With this HP printer, you can enjoy 6 free months of Instant Ink.
✅Ink cartridge refill is cheap
❌No LCD status display
✅HP Smart app
✅Simple to setup
✅HP+ at printer setup

6. HP DeskJet 2755e All-in-One Printer

Why do we love it?

  • It offers reliable connections with Bluetooth and wifi.
  • A high-resolution flatbed scanner that provides excellent color accuracy
  • You can do low and slow printing during fast printing with auto systems
  • HP Smart app allows you to make an easy setup with the printing
✅Easy Set it up in your room
❌Installation is difficult
✅6 months free ink
✅HP smart app
✅Long warranty

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7. Canon Pixma MG2522 Inkjet Printer

Why do we love it?

  • Pictures contain great color accuracy, nice details, and a stunning look.
  • The printer contains many options of connectivity such as Bluetooth and wifi
  • A 3′ long USB cord allows you to connectivity with the Windows operating system
  • It is a high-resolution flatbed scanner that provides great scanning properties
✅Low price
❌No ink cartridges.
✅print all documents
✅Use any ink
✅affordable home printing.

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8. HP Envy 7855 All-in-One Printer

Why do we love it?

  • You can print photos from USB and SD card drives
  • This printer provides stunning photos with a color combination.
  • It’s print from a computer, 1200 x 1200 rendered dpi resolution is prime
  • It prints in 18 seconds fast, while the first page prints in 22 seconds.
✅90-day warranty
❌No Windows 11 driver.
✅Automatic two-sided
✅HP Thermal Inkjet
✅High resolution

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Bonus Section

  • HP DeskJet 3755
  • Epson Expression Home XP-4100


Keep a deep eye on your needs when you want to buy the great all-in-one printer. Whether a home usage printer or a high-quality printer, high-quality images and text are great options. A good quality printer provides multi-functional features with fast printing speed and output. When you choose the printer, the price of the printer also provides good quality features.

Buying Guide

If you want to buy a great printer, keep these details of the printer in mind

Inkjet or Laser

Faxes, copiers, and printers come in two types: Inkjet or Laser in the market. When you spray the ink on the paper, Inkjet printers will work. In contrast, toner is used to print images on paper in a laser printer. Both printers contain positive and negative qualities so buy as you need.

Multi-functional Printer

You need to buy a printer with multifunction usage for professional use, but for simple and home usage, simple printing qualities are enough.
A multi-functional printer features photocopying, faxing, and scanning. If you want printer office and professional usage, the great all-in-one laser printer under $100 will be a great choice.

Size of the printer

The size of the printer also matters for the printing page. The small size of printers are easy to use and store but prints small-sized papers. In contrast, a large-sized printer takes much space but is great for professional usage.

The purpose of the printer

A good printer provides high-quality images with a professional look and stunning images. Besides it, laser printers provide good quality printing photos with higher resolution of images. It depends upon your purpose. Inkjet printers provide good graphics printing.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Which printer quality is great, inkjet or laser?

If you want to buy printers for school projects, photos printing, and image-heavy documents, inkjet printers are a great option. But if you want to buy top printers under $100 for printing heavy volumes of text-based documents, you need to buy laser printers.

Which is the great all-in-one printer under 100 in 2021?

The great printer features a great printing speed, high-quality images, good resolution, reasonable price, multi-functional properties, and we will recommend you to buy HP DeskJet All-in-One Wireless Printer.

Is ink of the printer costs much high?

The printer’s ink mostly comes with the same brands, and most brands also offer free inks for several months. But, if you buy the ink separately, it will cost high.

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