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Best 24-inch Printer

Investing in a great printer will be a great step to promote your business.

 If you want to print larger documents, use large format printers, it will be an ideal choice. When you print larger documents, the image quality will be Lose what you don’t want. But, if you will buy large format printers, it will provide amazing results of images even at large sizes.

You can use these premium large-size printers for marketing and promotional products, flyers, and you can also make technical data, blueprints, and plans. The working or larger printer is also easy as a common printer, but its productivity is large. But the problem with large format printers is such expensive prices. But if we go to a quality, these printers provide scaling up the technology, crisp and clear details of images on the larger paper size. Buying a large printer is not a common investment, especially for one who wants affordable printers but perfect image quality. We have explored many expensive models and found the 8 great printers.

Things to consider before buying 

Price of the printer: Small-sized printer varies with different prices, but the large-sized printer is available at high prices in the market. The premium budget option is available at 500$ to 1000$, but high-quality printer ranges from 1100$ to 1500$, and so on.

Multifunctional printers: If your printer is limited to some tasks, it is useless to buy it. Hense buy a printer with multifunctional tasks such as printing, graphics work, engineering work, and much more.

Best 24 inch Printer 2022

Here is the list of top largest format Printers:

HP Design jet Large Format Wireless Printer
10 [Editor's Choice]
HP Design jet T230 Wireless Plotter Printer
HP Designjet T650 Plotter Printer
Canon TA-20 24" Inkjet Printer
Epson 24" Desktop Printer
HP Designjet T830 Wireless Plotter Printer
HP Designjet Z9+ Postscript Photo printer
HP Designjet T250 Wireless Plotter Printer

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HP Designjet Large Format Wireless Printer

Why do we love it?

  • A wide media roll prints 13-inch by 19-inch sheets.
  • This printer can handle multiple media, such as an automatic horizontal cutter.
  • The working process of the printer App is quite easy and saves you time.
  • It uses 95% less ink with HP DesignJet Ink Cartridges
✅1-Click Printing
❌No working with USB
✅Multiple Connectivity
✅Best for technical uses
✅Simple & Cost Efficient

HP Designjet T230 Wireless Plotter Printer

Why do we love it?

  • HP Click is the world’s simplest print job tool providing high-quality prints.
  • The printer offers several connectivity options such as wifi 802.11
  • The printer takes only 45 seconds to print A1 / D size pages
  • The software to use printers such as HP Print Preview is present already.
✅Hi-Speed USB 2.0
❌Selecting a white and black color is difficult
✅Great for large formats
✅High speed and RAM
✅printing from tablets

HP Designjet T650 Plotter Printer

Why do we love it?

  • HP Smart lets you handle large formats
  • It takes 59 seconds for A1 / D size prints
  • You can use different software to use printers like HP Print Preview.
  • The wide media rolls and print large 13 “by 19” sheets.
✅Top-grade Thermal Inkjet
❌Uses much paper
✅Direct WIFI control
✅Perfect for office use
✅Accurate line-quality

Canon TA-20 Inkjet Printer

Why do we love it?

  • New buyers can install and use the printer in 20 minutes
  • The prime lining qualities make it perfect for graphic tasks
  • It uses 24″ x 30″ architectural drawings for printing.
  • Wireless options make it easy to connect with multiple devices
✅Wireless printing
❌No paper with printer
✅Very good price
✅Free poster creation software
✅Great with Architecture

Epson Desktop Printer


Why do we love it?

  • It has an LCD screen that makes the printing task much easy
  • With minimum ink usage, you will enjoy Ultra-fast print speeds
  • The auto sheet feeder prints 1″ x 17″ and 24″ pages
  • It has a sleek minimal design with an ultra-small footprint, so take it anywhere
✅USB Connectivity Technology
❌Not too great for professionals
✅Cartridge-Free Printing
✅Easy to operate
✅Versatile media handling

HP Designjet T830 Wireless Plotter Printer

Why do we love it?

  • Install T series on your mobile, which is free poster maker software
  • It is Dynamic security enabled printer with a non-HP chip
  • It can print, scan, and much more in one printer with PDF printing options
  • You can easily place the printer on your desk or printer stand with small footprints
✅Security Features
❌No warranty
✅Gigabit Ethernet connectivity
✅Ideal for Architecture
✅HP Click printing software

HP Designjet Z9+ Postscript Photo printer

Why do we love it?

  • HP smart app is helpful with email printing
  • On plan media, the printer speed is 795 ft²/hr
  • The media handling capacity can adjust the media output bin, top sheet feed.
  • Enjoy connectivity with Base-T Ethernet, and Fast Ethernet
✅Fast Ethernet
❌It takes time for printing
✅HP Secure Boot
✅Smart app for iOS
✅Many HP DesignJet Ink Cartridges

HP Designjet T250 Wireless Plotter Printer

Why do we love it?

  • It can print wide media rolls with the automatic horizontal cutter,
  • HP Click quality saves your time and makes your printing sheets ready quickly
  • With minimal ink usage, you’ll enjoy lightning-fast print speeds
  • You also receive 1120ml of ink with which you can print many posters.
✅500 MB memory
❌Happily no cons
✅Multiple media handling
✅Hi-Speed USB 2.0
✅It uses 30 seconds per page


A high-quality premium printer provides the best printing option with large file formats. It will make high-quality images with multiple pages printer in one minute. You can take your printer anywhere and connect it with multiple devices and security controls with a sleek design. In thousands of options, we have selected the top large format printer 24×36 that will provide you with matchless printing in no time.

Buying Guide

A large printer costs more because it provides high-quality images and prints with crispy texts. That’s why take care before buying.

Printing capacity

If you are buying a large printer, it means you need it for professional reasons. In case, the low printing speed will affect much on productivity. So, buy a printer with a large printing capacity.

Printing speed

The printer’s speed also matters because the time of everyone is so precious. Speed matters much if you need printing daily. We will suggest you buy a printer with 35 pages per minute.

Frequently asked questions

Which is the premium printer in 2022?

A prime large printer features secure printing, premium color resolution, good printing speed, and much more, and a printer related to these features is HP Designjet Large Format Wireless Printer.

Which printer provides large printing copies, laser or inkjet?

If you are a professional printer and want multiple copies daily with large documents, then our recommendation is to buy laser printers that provide quick printing within no time. However, many inkjet printers also provide quick printing.

What are the qualities of large format printing?

A large format printer can make banners, Blueprints, Business Grand Openings, Festivals, Community Events, Trade Show Booths, GIS Maps, and Photo Canvas Prints.

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